Edale Skyline

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The ‘Edale Skyline’ is a classic circuit, popular with both walkers and runners, which takes participants around the hills surrounding the ‘Vale of Edale’. The route covers a distance of approximately 21 miles (34km) and includes around 4600feet (1400m) of ascent. The challenge can be completed in around 8hrs depending on pace and conditions.


Found in the Dark Peak area of The Peak District National Park, the Vale of Edale is an isolated valley surrounded by beautiful hills. The route crosses the Southern edge of the famous ‘Kinder Scout’ and takes in ‘Lose Hill’, ‘Mam Tor’, ‘Brown Knoll’ to name just a few of the famous landmarks.


We can organise and run your bespoke Edale Skyline challenge from late May to October. The primary reason for the later start in the season running of this challenge is to avoid unnecessary damage to the route, some sections can be very boggy after wet periods and need time to drain.

Who is it for?

Charity fundraising groups, corporate groups and people just looking to enjoy the satisfaction of completing a personal challenge and all whilst immersing their selves in the great outdoors regularly undertake the challenge.

Will I enjoy it?

Taking in the outstanding natural beauty of the Peak District, this can be a hugely rewarding challenge to undertake in a stunningly beautiful landscape with expansive views over the National Park & beyond.


The route uses a number of varying terrain surfaces from grassy & heather bashing singe tracks to flagstone, dirt and rocky paths as well as boggy areas. The route is continually ascending or descending with very few flat sections.


A sound understanding of the demands that undertaking a challenge in a mountainous area may require, as well as upmost respect for the conditions that may be encountered — “prepare for the worst, hope for the best!”. A good level of preparation, fitness and endurance is required to successfully complete and enjoy the challenge.

Environmental considerations

Your Mountain Challenge supports the UK National Parks recognition of the positive benefits that can be gained by people joining an organised recreational event and experiencing the outstanding natural beauty of these landscapes. Your Mountain Challenge also appreciates that whilst we are keen to help people enjoy these areas the upmost care should be taken to minimise any negative impact to the environment or disruption to the local communities.

We will where possible seek to run events on less busy dates and encourage challenge participants to use local businesses, make use of National Park Authority car parking areas and support the area economically to offset any disturbance. We ask every participant to complete their challenge without leaving any trace on the landscape other than footprints and to also remove at least 1 piece of litter each for responsible disposal.

What we provide

  • Fully qualified, experienced and knowledgeable Mountain Leaders.
  • Group emergency and First Aid kit with qualified First Aiders.
  • Event support vehicle.
  • Water at pre designated meeting points around the route.
  • Pre-event contact with event coordinator to discuss organisation and bespoke planning options.
  • Flexibility and advice on preferred dates, starting time & starting point.
  • Certificate of completion.

What we do not provide

  • Transport to and from start/finish point.
  • Food, drinks or refreshments other than bottled water during the day.
  • Insurance for personal accident, emergency evacuation and health, theft of or damage to personal effects, or cancellation.


Our pricing is simple

  • 1-9 participants: £600 total.
  • 10-16 participants: £600 + £60 per person.
  • 17+ participants: £960 + £55 per person.

We can also supply Event Planning, Advice & Mountain Leaders for unsupported events (no vehicle back up), cater for smaller groups and provide ‘check point only’ events. Please enquire.

Let's do it

If you have decided this is the challenge for you and would like to make a booking or if have more questions before you decide, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

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