What we do

At Your Mountain Challenge we do not offer ‘open booking’ events, this enables us to provide a comprehensive package of our professional planning, advice and leadership exclusively tailored for each individual corporate, charity or private client group we can make your event exactly that – Your Mountain Challenge!

Being accessible to our clients during the event planning process we are able to continually offer our advice and knowledge and make any necessary adjustments or ‘tweaks’ to create a bespoke event. This allows to examine all possibilities for the purpose of maximising not only the success of the event but also the personal enjoyment and achievement of the individual participants.

Working exclusively with each client group allows us the advantage of flexibility that ‘open booking’ events cannot enjoy! Event details such as starting time, start location or any necessary route changes etc. can be continually assessed during pre planning e.g. adjusting event timings to avoid poor weather, transport issues or crowded times etc.

Whilst taking our client through from initial enquiry to successfully completing their bespoke challenge we are in regular communication to answer any questions the clients may have relevant to their bespoke challenge.

We are aware the undertaking of these challenges can be overwhelming to some participants, especially to those who may have previously spent very little time within the hill or mountain environment. By creating the bespoke event and then providing highly skilled, experienced and motivated leadership whilst completing the challenge we aim to remove any worries or apprehension the participants may have and so allow them to concentrate completing, and enjoying, their chosen challenge.

It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.
Sir Edmund Hillary


Your Mountain Challenge founder, Mark Valentine is a member of the Mountain Training Association (MTA) and the British Association of International Mountain Leaders. (BAIML)

Members hold nationally-recognised awards and have been subject to a rigorous training and assessment process. Members also undertake continued personal development to ensure their skills and experience are up to date.